A woman who suffered a fractured spine after a brutal attack above her own café is donating money raised for her to the hospital where she was treated.

Yau Fong Siu, 65, jumped from her first floor flat above Elmers End Café in Croydon Road on April 24 after burglars threw carpet cleaner in her face and punched her.

She suffered a fractured spine, pelvis, arm and ribs and her and her husband Pete have been unable to reopen the café.

Matt Paterson, a loyal customer, organised a fundraiser for the couple after their "integral" contribution to the area over the past 40 years.

More than £1,000 was raised and Pete told News Shopper the gesture gave the couple a warm feeling.

"It is really nice," he added. "We don’t need the money and I want people to know that we wont be putting it in our pocket."

The pair have decided to give the money to St George’s Hospital, where staff treated Yau for ten days.

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Asked his about how his wife is, Pete said: "Unfortunately her recovery is slow. She hit the pavement and for a 65-year-old it is not easy.

"She is lucky because it could have been even more damage.

"At least she survived."

Pete said the money is now going "to the right place" and he thanked everyone who donated money.

He said the café is a "two person job" and therefore it won’t reopen until at least next year.