Sainsbury’s security workers allegedly had bottles of scotch thrown at them by foul-mouthed men in a bizarre incident in Beckenham this morning.

One business owner in the area, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was buying presents for staff when he saw two men in the shop carrying baskets "filled to the brim" with scotch.

"They were waving the bottles about and threatening people who went near them," he told News Shopper.

"They were literally about two metres from me and they were shouting expletives like 'f*** off don’t come near me'.

"It was absolutely disgusting and was pretty grim," he added.

The witness said the men left without paying and security guards approached before bottles were chucked in their direction outside the store.

He doesn’t believe anybody was hurt and he said he hopes police become aware.

A video, sent to News Shopper, appears to show one man throw a bottle in the direction of staff.

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"There is very little security guards can do, especially in this climate of knife crime," the man added.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's told News Shopper: "An incident took place at our Beckenham store this morning. Thankfully no one was hurt and we’re supporting the police with their investigation."

Police have been contacted for more information.