Generous friends of the owners of a dog whose belly was full of "stones and twigs" after disappearing for six weeks have set up a fundraiser.

Shadow, an 18-month-old Shar Pei, went missing after escaping from his leash during a family walk in Dorset on May 9.

For six weeks the family, who are originally from Abbey Wood, worked with local coastguard services to try and locate the poor pup but to no avail.

Luckily, Shadow made a 'miraculous' return to his loving family earlier this week after being found by local authorities.

However, the once broad pooch had suffered a broken leg and had lost a lot of body weight during his ordeal in the wild.

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Stacey Major-Allen, a friend of owner Amber, told the News Shopper of the emotional moment the family were told that Shadow had been rescued.

"When they found him, they showed the family a picture of the dog and because he had lost so much weight, they couldn’t even recognise him.

"He broke his leg and his stomach was full of stones and twigs," she said.

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Mrs Allen explained that Amber had moved from south-east London to Dorset with her husband and children, who she says are extremely attached to their furry friend.

"One of the boys had even slept with the dog's blanket while he was missing," she said.

Mrs Allen, along with Amber's other Bexley mates, decided to start the online fundraiser after it was estimated it would cost £3,000 to make Shadow well again.

"She didn't want us to do it at first but we just said 'no, we're your mates, let us help'.

"We told her that when people see the dog and see the trouble she went through to find him then they’ll definitely want to help out," she said.

Shadow's fundraiser has raised close to £1,000 in just 24 hours of going live.

Those wishing to donate to the cause can do so