Bimbo the 'Blackheath Donkey', who was stabbed in an Eltham field, has taken a turn for the worst.

The donkey was found with a stab wound on Friday (June 21) when local resident, Lucy Morris, went to visit.

Lucy told News Shopper: "I visit the Donkeys for pleasure and to give them some treats and a groom."

The donkeys are owned by Lorayne Ahmet, whose dad used to run the Blackheath Donkey Rides.

Len Thorne, ran the rides for more than 60 years before he died in 2012 and was a well known figure in the area.

Lucy continued: "My dad was friends with Lorayne's dad, so I got speaking to Lorayne over Facebook about the Donkeys."

However, when Lucy visited the donkeys on Friday, she found that two of the donkey's had managed to escape.

She got them back in the field but that is when she saw something unusual.

She said: "That's when I saw what I thought was a kick or gash oozing from Bimbo's side."

News Shopper:

Lorayne Ahmet told News Shopper that she rushed over when Lucy contacted her.

Bimbo was quickly taken to the vets and it was confirmed that he had been stabbed, and also had formed an infection.

Lorayne said: "I transported the donkey to Sevenoaks for a vet to attend who confirmed my fears.

"It was a stab wound. I can’t believe some one could be so cruel to do this."

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Unfortunately in the last day, Bimbo has taken a turn for the worse and is still suffering from terrible shock.

However, Lucy has created a fundraiser in the helps of helping Bimbo and to help build safer fencing.

You can donate to the petition here.

Lucy said: "I'm truly amazed by the response for these babies Lorayne keeps them going in memory of her dad and everyone who they have given joy to over the years and they are not cheap animals alike horses vet bill is steadily on the rise."

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