A Brexit inspired scheme to encourage people to pick up their dog’s poo at a park in Petts Wood has inspired a positive response from residents.

Alex Morris, 26, says it was a "fun and tongue in cheek" idea to encourage dog owners to remove their pet’s waste.

The project was part of Alex’s application for a postgraduate creative advertising course at the School of Communication Arts in Brixton.

Becoming a local hero was the application’s challenge and Alex asked his mum about some of the problems in the area.

Alex explained: "She said there’s always dog sh*t in Jubilee Park and no matter what posters are there it never gets any better and there’s not enough bins."

He added: "I had a think about an issue everyone was talking about and I tried to have a positive impact from that."

Brexit inspired posters featuring local dogs are now dotted around the park and carry a remain or leave message to encourage people to pick up the waste.

One poster reads: "Leave means leave. Just not when it comes to my poo. I know the dog's dinner that is Brexit has been 'ruff' on everyone. But unlike MPs, I would own my own mess if I could.

"That's why my human has left some handy biodegradable bags around, with bins to help you cast a vote that whatever it may be, clean up Jubilee Park for everyone."

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Three dog waste bins have been installed, one 'in', one 'out' and a 'shake it all about' one for people who can’t make up their minds on Brexit.

Local business Berryfields Retails has funded the upkeep and disposal of the biodegradable dog waste bins.

Alex, who set up the scheme in Jubilee Park on Friday, said the response has been "really positive".

"Most people have been choosing for 'shake it all about' bin because I think most are sick of Brexit," Alex laughed.

He will find out in a few weeks whether he has been accepted onto the course and he said he hopes to extend the project to other parks in Bromley.