A low-life who tricked a 90-year-old woman into letting him inside her home before snatching her money has prompted police to issue a warning.

The vulnerable pensioner was targeted last week and was told by the fraudster that the manager let him into the block of flats on Addington Road to track down a water leak.

When her back was turned £100 was stolen from her purse.

Bromley Police, who have now issued an appeal, said the man was white and aged in his late 20s or early 30s.

A police statement read: "The more elderly members of our society experienced a more trusting and less cynical world than exists now, and together with any disabilities it makes them more vulnerable to being targeted by these bogus callers."

They advised residents to pause for a moment and refuse to let people inside their homes without identification.

Police also asked residents to remind elderly relatives or neighbours about bogus callers.

A statement added: "If they seem pushy and cannot prove to a reasonable person’s satisfaction who they are and the nature of their business then shut the door and consider calling the police.

"Play safe and don’t let them in as this is a confidence trick. We do want to catch these people and we don’t want more victims of crime."

If you have any information about the woman who was exploited in West Wickham contact police on 101 quoting the crime reference 3312528/19.