Discontented residents from an estate in St Pauls’ Cray are still unable to enjoy a shower at home after being left without water for the ninth consecutive day.

The Clarion Housing residents, in Selwyn Place, are once again living with dry taps and frustrations are growing.

Laurence Gummery told News Shopper that not enough was being done to support residents.

"It’s really bad," he said. "I’m 59 next month and I’m carrying buckets of water up and down stairs to fill the toilet.

"You can’t live like this. I can’t wash any clothes."

Mr Gummery, who has lived there 20 years, said his kitchen tap is producing dribbles of water and he is forced to fill buckets and wash and shave in a sink.

He questioned why Clarion has not offered leisure centre passes so people can shower properly.

However, bottled water has been supplied to residents, who were in the News Shopper for the same problem in 2015.

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News Shopper:

My Gummery lives with his daughter and son who travel to their grandmother’s house to wash.

"As a man you can cope better than a woman," he said. "There is women and children living round here.

"In another home there are two younger kids and their mother has to take them to a sister’s to shower before school."

A spokesperson for Clarion Housing Group said: "We apologise that Mr Gummery has had problems with his water supply, and have made immediate provision with bottled water and regular communication while we are working to resolve the issue.

"It’s a shared pipe supply so we have instigated an investigation working with Thames Water to look into the cause of the water pressure drop at Selwyn Place.

"We are on site again today and hope that Thames Water can help us to resolve the issue and reinstate supply."

However, a spokesman for Thames Water said: "We were called out last week following a few no water calls from residents.

"Our engineers investigated and found the leak to be within the property boundary so is the responsibility of the housing association.

"We told the association, which told us it was sending its own contractor to deal with the problem. We’re no longer involved in the leak."