Bromley residents will be exposed to more education on pollution awareness in the future after the council launched an anti-idling campaign.

Drivers caught leaving their engines running while parked will be told to stop as part of the initiative.

Bromley Council say the campaign will offer advice and education and will target at risk areas, such as outside schools.

Motorists are being warned that enforcement action will be taken for regular offenders, but only if education offered in the campaign does not deliver a change in behaviour.

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher said: "Leaving a vehicle engine on whilst it is parked is not acceptable and never has been, but we are increasingly aware of the need to take action where we can.

"We need to highlight this important issue and are asking all motorists to support us."

The executive councillor for environment added: "Vehicle manufacturers have understood the positive impact on our environment that stopping an engine can have in queuing traffic for example which is why we have seen the introduction of stop start technology.

"A number of parents have already approached the Council looking to support for local campaigns outside their children’s schools."

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The news comes three months after a little girl in Biggin Hill was inspired to make awareness posters after questioning the smell of fumes outside her school.

Bella, seven, advertised her posters outside Biggin Hill Primary School after Public Health England asked parents picking up children to switch their engines off.