A petition has been launched to preserve the history of Plumstead Station from re-development.

Siobhan Trethewey has lived in Plumstead for the last seven years, but has spent most of her life in Woolwich.

The petition was started on behalf of the Positive Plumstead Project, for which Siobhan is a General Committee Member.

Siobhan told News Shopper: "Despite there being a lot of problems in Plumstead there are some great historical features and these should be preserved alongside the promised improvements regeneration is supposed to deliver."

The station was built around 1859 and wasn't just there to cater for the ever expanding population, but also to move materials to and from Royal Arsenal.

However, now the stations history is under threat due to Network Rail's plans to make it more accessible.

The petition says: "Network Rail are mandated to provide accessibility to all train stations; this is a good thing! Destroying local history and ignoring the local community is not!"

Network Rail proposes installing a new footbridge and lift shafts, directly from the station building, which will mean demolishing the historic bridge and replacing it with a massive modern box structure.

Siobhan said: "I would like Network Rail to change their minds and engage with the local community. They have worked with historical features like this in other areas so I would like them to show Plumstead the same consideration."

The Greenwich line was one of the very first in London, and the only original stations that are left are Greenwich, Westcombe Park and Plumstead.

The new plans will see the demolition of the 1892 iron lattice footbridge, the removal and replacement of brick steps, the removal of part of an 1892 canopy and removal of a crenellated section of the original 1859 station.

However, according to the petition, Network Rail has ignored suggestions of sticking to any of the original designs.

Residents have also raised concerns around fear of crime and anti-social behaviour in relation to enclosed bridges and covered stairs, suggested that it should be a glass cover to deter any crime.

Siobhan continued: "There are many negative voices on social media about "the state of Plumstead" I urge some of those to take action not just moan.

"Join Positive Plumstead Project or any of the other small but great organisations based here in SE18 and help rather than hurumph."

To see the full list of concerns and sign the petition CLICK HERE.

A Network Rail spokesman said: "Accessible stations make it easier for people to visit friends, get to the shops or to work. The new lifts and bridge at Plumstead Station will provide an easier and more accessible station that can be utilised by all members of the public.

"As part of the Access for All programme which has already delivered more than 200 accessible routes into selected stations nationally, we always respect the heritage of stations and will continue to do so.”