The father of a teenage girl who was allegedly threatened at knifepoint in Bromley says he was "fuming" after his daughter was targeted for the second time in two years.

David Constable said his daughter, Millie, 19, was walking to work through Queens Gardens outside The Glades on Wednesday (June 12) at around 9am when a woman on a bench became abusive.

He said she began shouting at her daughter who kept walking without responding.

"The lady stood up and pulled out a bread knife saying she was going to stab her and kill her," dad David told News Shopper.

According to David, the armed woman was arrested and released on a caution after police claimed she was homeless and had mental health issues.

"Does that make it alright?" The furious dad questioned.

"What if she sees my daughter again?"

Mille also spoke to News Shopper and said she could have died.

"She stood up as I walked past and I looked over my shoulder and she said 'don't stare at me'.

"I didn't say anything and she took the knife out and said she had permission to use it."

Millie said she quickly walked over to cleaners in the park who said she was a known trouble maker.

Security men were then alerted before police arrived.

"I was completely frightened," Millie said. "If I had retaliated she could easily have stabbed and killed me. She was waving the knife around."

"I don't walk that way anymore."

She added: "Mental health issues or not she shouldn't just be cautioned when she has admitted it and it's on CCTV."

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Millie remains "mentally scarred" from a mugging two years ago by Harvington Woods when a group of masked youths mugged her, with one taking his penis out.

Her dad said he was called and ended up chasing the suspects, with two of them brandishing knives.

"I didn’t panic," he said. "I thought I might die here but I wasn’t going to die not fighting."

Police arrived and apprehended the suspects but David claims nobody was ever prosecuted.

"She couldn’t sleep for ages afterwards," David said. "Even now when I go to work she double-locks the doors."

David said he was "fuming" when he heard his daughter was targeted in another incident last week.

"I work all over the country and couldn’t get back. She was alright and said she was fine and not to worry.

"But how many more times? I almost had to have counselling last time. I can’t keep letting things go. It’s my child and I need to protect her."

News Shopper has contacted police for more information about the incident near The Glades shopping centre.