Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has confirmed that Lewisham and Greenwich Trust as well as Oxleas NHS Foundation are both supplied by the same company linked to a national out break of listeria in hospitals.

The reports are linked to pre-packed sandwiches and salads eaten by the patients.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust as well as Oxleas NHS Trust were listed among 43 trusts which received affected product lines from Good Food Chain.

In a statement from the Health Secretary, the investigation was said to be ongoing and the public health risk was described as "low".

A spokesman from Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust said: “As soon as Public Health England alerted us to this issue last month, we immediately removed all Good Food Chain products.

"We have not stocked any products from Good Food Chain since the health alert was issued.”

A spokeswoman from Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust echoed the Lewisham and Greenwich Trust statement, adding that the affected product had been removed as soon as they were notified.

Seven hospitals across the country have reported cases of listeria and five people have died from it.

The food involved has now been withdrawn by the Good Food Chain which supplies food to over 43 NHS trusts.

Public Health England says the health risk to the public remains low, and individuals should only seek medical attention if they develop symptoms.

Listeria is a bacterium which can cause a type of food poisoning called listeriosis.

Normally, the symptoms include a high temperature and feeling sick, and usually go away on their own after a few days

However, the outbreak this time has occurred in people who are already seriously ill and most susceptible to infections.

Listeria can then cause damage to organs, spread to the brain or bloodstream, and be fatal.