An animal rescue centre says "devastated" staff have endured a "particularly hard time" this week after torrential rain and flooding destroyed dog kennels.

Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, in Biggin Hill, currently houses 32 dogs searching for forever homes, who were left disrupted by flooding.

Aimee Howe, fundraising and marketing coordinator, told News Shopper the damage reinforced how important their ongoing kennel fund rebuild was.

She told News Shopper: "Every single bed had to be replaced. Some of our dogs are severely neglected and have behavioural issues and any animal will be distressed from flooding.

"We are devastated that they may have experienced further stress during the torrential rain."

The Kennel Fund is striving to make the animal centre, which rehomes 700 dogs, cats and rabbits a year, more safe and secure.

They are looking to raise £750,000 to refurbish the main kennel block, which is over 30 years old.

It will allow more dogs to be rescued and for every kennel to have an outdoor area.

Since the floods, the community has donated blankets and duvets to ensure the dogs are ok.

Aimee said: "Our kind supporters and volunteers have been integral in managing the flooding, providing us with blankets and featherless duvets to replace our ruined beds. We are incredibly grafted for their support.

"However, these events highlight how desperately we need to safeguard our animals by prioritising our kennel fund. Our dog team has also proposed the idea of appealing for raised dog beds."

Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre is currently organising fundraising events including the Skinny God Walk celebrating the rehoming of dogs like greyhounds and lurches.

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