A friend of a man who lost everything in a flat fire except his dog Coco has started a fundraiser to support him.

Michelle Standing, who lives near to where the flats caught fire in Beckenham Road at the weekend, said her pal John is struggling to cope.

"He is really stressed out," she told News Shopper. "He has post-traumatic stress and mental health problems and he is staying in a bed and breakfast."

In the early hours of Saturday morning his dog was scratching the wall and John took him for a short walk.

However, five minutes later he saw his flat block in flames.

Michelle said her friend ran up the stairs but was pushed back when he opened his front doors and flames leapt across him.

The London Fire Brigade said 11 people were rescued from the blaze.

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Michelle, who has lived in Beckenham for years, said John lost his other dog a few weeks back and was having a torrid time.

She said: "He has been coming to see us and at least he has Coco to keep him company. I think it is hitting him now and he is remembering what happened that night and all the stuff he lost.

"Everything is gone, there is nothing left."

Michelle started a fundraiser to help John and thanked people who have generously sent clothes and supplies for Coco.

She told readers that "anything at all" would go a long way to helping John get his life back on track.

His flat was badly damaged and it is unknown whether John will ever be allowed back in.

The Brigade was called at 1.30am on Saturday morning and the fire was under control over two hours later. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.