A Grandmother from Eltham has created an app to help improve peoples cognitive skills.

Heather Mead has lived in Eltham for the past 30 years with her husband.

The grandmother of three told News Shopper: "The idea came to me on my first day working for a Bupa care home, there was a demonstration of a sensory table that was designed for children with special needs, the care home was looking into purchasing one for the home.

"The activity lady and some carers starting talking about the games app that it had on it and how they were not really designed for the elderly or those suffering from dementia to easily play.

"This got me thinking about designing games that were specifically designed for the elderly or those suffering from dementia."

Heather is currently undertaking a BA Hons in Health and Social Care with the Open University and presented her idea to them.

She said that they were very supportive and advised her to get in contact with an app developer.

Heather said: "I found Easy Apps Business on a website called Bark and told them my idea as they have experience in developing gaming apps.

"After a lengthy conversation about the idea for six games in total they sent me a proposal within half an hour that was beginning of February 19."

Heathers husband gave her the money to self-fund and get the first fame started after her grandchildren encouraged her to get going.

She said: "It took 8 weeks to develop in total, then the game was released a week later onto google play as Retro fish game.

Retro games is the brand with its own website - which you can find here.

Heather explained that the first game is a colourful simple fish game the fish swims across the screen and you have to tap on it before it reaches the other side.

There is a score box and a timer to see how many fish you can get is how fast a time.

It has three levels and relaxing sea sounds when you are playing the game, because of its design it is good for children to play too.

She said: "The Bupa care home that I work for have been market testing the app and the response is good so far as it helps residents to engage and be stimulate while bed bound help promote conversation between resident,cares and their relatives.

"Because of its design for people with dementia we have found that it helps them with concentration, simulates auditory and visual processing and helps them to recognise patterns."

Heather wants people to find away to maintain and improve their skills and even introduce their friends to the idea and play along with them.

It's a simple easy game to play, it can be played anywhere even if you don't have much time to spare a like coffee break at work, waiting for the kids to come out of school, siting on a bus or waiting for a train.