The Crofton Park Tavern in Brockley has announced when it will open to the public.

Formerly known as Jam Circus, the popular bar is situated right opposite Crofton Park station and Crofton Park Library, and has always been a well known spot to locals.

Jam sadly closed at the end of January and has been vacant ever since.

The pub was originally owned by Antic Pubs however, now Crofton Park Tavern will be under the ownership of Mosaic Pubs who run a lot of different venues around south London.

However, in the last few weeks, there has been a lot of exciting activity as they get ready to re-open under the new name.

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When Jam Circus closed residents were unsure what would take over the quirky space, but were hoping it wouldn't change too dramatically.

Jam had everything from copious amounts of gin and weekly pub quizzes to Friday night boogies and even a soft play area for those parents that still wanted to pop down the pub.

Under Antic pubs, the bar had been in Brockley since 2005 when it took over from The Alpha Club.

After a fire ripped through the kitchen in 2012, the pub underwent a massive refurbishment.

The new venue will be able to hold 116 people and from photos has a different vibe to Jam, but no less cosy and inviting.

They will be holding a launch party on June 19, however the guest list is already full, so you will have to wait.

However, it will be fully open to the public on June 20.

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