A bubbly little girl from Beckenham who has a tumour in her leg has thanked News Shopper readers for engaging with her story.

Amelia, eight, has Neurofibromatosis (NF1), an incurable and progressive condition resulting in tumours growing in nerves around the body.

Despite the painful condition, which is more common that Cystic Fibrosis, Amelia is often more concerned with how others are.

She first appeared in the News Shopper for Neurofibromatosis awareness month, when her family organised a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' on May 25 at Dorset Road Allotments in Beckenham.

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"I enjoyed the day a lot," Amelia, who was thrilled to miss some of her school lesson to speak to Shopper, said.

"It was very nice, and my best friend was really kind to me."

A total of £700 was raised on the day for the Childhood Tumour Trust, which supports people with NF1.

Amelia’s mum, Lauren Coombs-Organ, said she was proud to raise awareness about what life is like for her "heroic" daughter.

"Since the first article came out, we had some neighbours come over and the story inspired them to look it up," Lauren said. "Even if two more people look it up it will be two people who didn’t know before.

"A couple popped over who we never met before to say it was a lovely story and offered to help in any way they could."

News Shopper:

Lauren said she was in tears at the reaction of people showing an interest in her daughter’s condition.

This came after speaking to News Shopper about the frustrations of people being unaware of Amelia's disability, because the tumour is inside her leg rather than the outside.

Amelia is in constant pain throughout the day and requires a heavy dose of painkillers.

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"She was absolutely thrilled to have her face in the paper," her mum added.

Lauren said that she was "absolutely surprised" at raising so much money and thanked everyone who offered contributions.

The family is now planning on hosting the picnic every year for Neurofibromatosis awareness month after the success first event.