A teenager who passed his motorcycle test three years ago was left fuming when McDonald’s staff told him he couldn’t use the drive-thru to order a meal.

Danny Medhurst, 19, rode to his local Maccy D’s in Sevenoaks Way, St Paul’s Cray on June 4 before he was left hungry and frustrated.

He claims he was told that motorcyclists are not allowed to use the drive-thru and must enter the restaurant instead.

"Hang on a minute," furious Danny told News Shopper. "What’s the difference between a car and a bike and my money and theirs?"

Danny said it wasn’t the first time he was refused food, leaving him to travel 15 more minutes to the next chain.

He said he felt "intimidated" at being refused his order and questioned why the rule was in place.

"I wanna see signs next time I go there," he said. "I don’t wanna see a little sign I wanna see a big sign that says 'no motorcyclists can be served here'.

"There is plenty of room for it on the speaker."

Danny believes there is a lack of trust towards motorcyclists and said he is often asked to leave his credit card at the garage counter when getting petrol.

He said the "Orpington area was terrible" for "discrimination" against motorcyclists and he said he was now fed up of the treatment.

Danny, who lives in St Paul’s Cray, said McDonald’s staff told him it was a health and safety issue and that he would have to come into the store to order.

However, he said he shouldn’t have to go in when delivery drivers often use the drive-thru for pick-ups.

A spokesman for McDonald's said: "Our drive-thru lanes are for road-going motor vehicles, however service is at the discretion of the restaurant and we occasionally ask customers to come in to pick up their order instead."