A woman who was on her way to meet her boyfriend to watch the Champions League final said she was "shocked" when a stranger snatched her bags.

Tilly Skinner, 23, boarded the train from Beckenham Junction and put her rucksack and handbag on the spare seat beside her.

A man came on and sat nearby and he quickly caught her attention as she started her journey to Luton on Saturday (June 1) afternoon.

"He seemed really on edge and sat there shaking," Tilly told News Shopper.

As the train pulled in at Kent House railway station the man leapt up, grabbed Tilly’s belongings and dashed off the train.

"I was in shock and just sat there. Everyone on the train was like 'go' and I was just like 'oh my god'," she laughed.

Tilly chased the thief off the train and down the station steps, but he managed to get away.

Things took an even more bizarre turn when Tilly asked a stranger could she used his phone to call the police.

She said: "He then thought I was setting him up and I tried to explain that I wasn’t and that I saw the guy who actually did it."

Thankfully a kind couple overheard Tilly’s troubles after she was left disappointed at nobody being available at the ticket office.

The couple drove her home so she could cancel her bank cards.

"It was good community spirit because soon after another lady got in touch because she found my bag," Tilly said.

The Beckenham woman phoned the police but was left disappointed when she was told they wouldn’t be pursing it.

"It was a little bit annoying because I thought they could at least try and get his picture on CCTV.

"He spent over 13 pounds on my credit card in a supermarket in Sydenham."

Tilly’s grey Ted Baker purse is still missing, and she said she will be cautious from now on about leaving her bags beside her on a train.

"These things can happen," she added. "It was broad daylight and I was so shocked."

The suspect was black, average height and build, in his mid-20s with facial hair and he wore a bandana around his hand.