A nursing assistant has had enough of the parking charges at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Teresa Rickard McKee works as a Health Care Assistant, at the Woolwich hospital and says that a large percentage of her pay is going straight into parking.

She said in a recent Facebook post: "We're here to work to save lives, not for a day out or shopping trip, do you think people come here for fun? There are terribly sick people here, so loved ones come to visit them, you parking companies disgust us, you should be ashamed of yourselves."

The car park at QE Hospital is managed by Euro Park, and Teresa is currently paying over £30 a week just to park to look after people, however they only receive £87 for a night shift.

Some car parks offer free parking overnight, however QE is different, and you have to pay a fee, with wardens checking throughout the evening.

Teresa told News Shopper that colleagues of hers are now having to take public transport, adding a lot of time to their journey and stopping them seeing their family.

She said: "After all the privilege of owning a car, maintaining its upkeep, taxing and insuring it, surely counts for something.

"I feel safer driving to work, especially in the darker months. I feel the NHS should offer staff a sticker for their car with the registration number displayed."

Teresa said that the money she is having to spend on parking, she could be using to take her grandchildren out.

She continued: "We are NHS workers, we're not here for fun, we're here to help people, we shouldn't have to pay for that.

"We've saved many lives, doing what we love doing, also, families come here to visit loved ones.

"Why should they be penalised for visiting sick, dying relatives? We don't all just have money in our accounts nor in our pockets to pay to park for a necessity, for goodness sake, have some compassion."

Neither Euro Parks or Queen Elizabeth Hospital responded to requests for comment.