The mum of a 15-month old baby who has been in and out of hospital has slammed her housing association for forcing them to live in a house infested with mice.

Brooke Keen, 24, has taken her daughter Desire to A&E about six times in the last seven months with sickness and diarrhoea.

Brooke believes her daughter’s condition is linked to the mouse problem in her flat on Waters Road, which is run by Phoenix Housing Association.

Mouse droppings shower the kitchen cupboards and carpets of the flat – and they have even found their way into little Desire’s cot.

News Shopper:

Mouse droppings in Desire's cot

Walking through the house, full-time mum Brooke would not let her daughter crawl on the floor. As Desire reached out to touch the wall, her mum shuddered and moved her daughter’s hand away.

The mum-of-two, who has lived in the flat for five years, told News Shopper: “I used to love my house, but now I don’t want to live there. I don’t even want any of my stuff because of the mice.”

Despite pleas to Phoenix to be moved out of the house, the housing association has not placed her in a new property – instead using temporary measures to try and get rid of the pests.

She claims the problems have continued despite traps and poison being laid, and despite Brooke's attempts to clean and ventilate the flat.

Breaking down in tears, she told News Shopper: “They just don’t listen.”

Brooke, who has a history of depression, believes the ordeal has taken a toll on her own mental and physical health.

News Shopper:

Brooke is scared for her health and her baby's health

“I’ve dropped down to seven stone. I won’t eat in here because it’s disgusting. I can hear them in the walls, crawling around. I just don’t feel comfortable in here anymore.”

Tearfully, she explained how she had pleaded with Phoenix to move her into another property. On one occasion, she was told she should simply buy a cat to solve the problem.

“They’re affecting mine and my daughter’s health,” she said.

In March, Brooke moved back in with her mum, Carina Keen, in Thornton Heath. Carina has also noticed a decline in her daughter’s health.

“I’ve seen how it affects her. I watch her washing her hands all the time, like she’s paranoid," Carina told News Shopper.

“She should be happy in her own home. Your home is a place you should feel safe. She shouldn’t have to keep running back to me."

News Shopper:

The kitchen cupboards are full of droppings

When contacted by News Shopper, a Phoenix spokeswoman said the housing association takes the health and wellbeing of its tenants “extremely seriously.”

A spokeswoman for Phoenix said: “Since we were first contacted we have been working continually with Miss Keen to eradicate this pest problem, which includes locating and sealing potential mice holes with mesh covering where holes can’t be permanently sealed, as well as installing mice repellent devices.

“We have also worked with Lewisham pest control services, who have treated the property a number of times.

“We are sorry for the distress Miss Keen is suffering. We will continue to work with our partners to provide Miss Keen with all possible support to resolve this issue and explore options for the future.”

She added she could not guarantee Brooke would be able to move due to a housing shortage and long waiting list.

However, she said: "We are working closely with Miss Keen to ensure she has access to all the re-housing options available and receives the necessary support and assistance."