A secondary school head teacher in Biggin Hill says the latest child abduction attempt is "extremely worrying" and has urged vigilance in the area.

Men in a white van reportedly tried to coax a Charles Darwin student on Jail Lane on Thursday, May 23, before the boy ran safely into the school.

It is understood the boy was a "younger student" who was walking alone at midday after a hospital appointment.

This was the third child abduction attempt reported in the area since November. 

Head teacher, Sunil Chotai, told News Shopper: "Our main concern is we don’t want students to become too anxious, but we obviously want them to be cautious and mindful on their way home etc.

"We don’t want to curtail their own enjoyment of the weather so getting the balance right is key for us.

He added: "But it is very worrying especially because it’s not the first time."

Mr Chotai also assured parents that police were taking the matter "very seriously".

"They were here straight away," the head said. "We couldn’t have asked for more as like the previous times.

"Obviously progress in catching people depends on many things but we can’t fault how seriously they are taking it."

News Shopper reported on November 26 how a man in a white van chased a boy, 11, down a flight of stairs on his way home from Charles Darwin School.

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This was followed by a teenage girl being approached by a man in a white van in Jail Lane on January 7.

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Both students escaped unharmed, but Mr Chotai said the latest incident was "extremely worrying".

In a letter to parents, he said the school "cannot afford" to take it lightly and asked parents to brief children on being careful around the area.

He also offered advice from the Bromley Youth Policing Team, which encourages children not to walk alone.

Tips includes not to wear headphones and to "run, yell and tell" if approached by strangers.

Biggin Hill Councillor Melaine Stevens told News Shopper: "We are of course concerned of such reports and would urge all children and parents to take measures to ensure their safety while out and about. 

"We are aware that the police are acting on the information given about this particular incident which seems to differ from the other ones. 

"If anyone has any CCTV footage or information from Jail Lane we would urge them to contact 101 of report through Crime Stoppers.  We councillors will continue to work with the police to safeguard all our residents."

News Shopper has contacted both the police for more information.