The best friend of a pregnant woman who was allegedly stamped on by a group of students during a horrific attack says she is disgusted that the case has been closed by police.

Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley apologised yesterday after the woman accused students of repeatedly stamping on her after she intervened to stop a young girl from being bullied.

The victim, 19, who is three months pregnant, was left fearing for her baby’s life after the attack outside Penge Sainsbury’s on May 13 at around 5pm.

However, police say the case is now closed because of a "lack of evidence", despite initially arresting a 13-year-old girl.

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Her best friend, Abbie Conway, 18, said she was "disappointed and disgusted" at the lack of action.

She started a petition yesterday titled 'justice for being jumped' which attracted over 1200 signatures.

However, 38 degrees removed the petition today because it is a "criminal matter".

Abbie said the ordeal has left her friend, who wishes to stay anonymous, psychologically affected.

News Shopper:

"She doesn’t feel safe anywhere," Abbie told News Shopper. "They wouldn’t have stopped, they only stopped when the police arrived."

She added: "This world is no place for anyone anymore. Even those who try to be good and try to make a change, it backfires on them."

Abbie said her friend is the most "caring, loving and kind-hearted" person who didn’t deserve this.

The pair shaved their heads for cancer last August because they both suffer from anxiety and it was a way for them to step out of their comfort zone and do something positive.

She said her pal, who also has a three-year-old child, is now trying to move on with her life.

Abbie added: "Thank you for all the people who helped support the petition and helped her throughout this incident."

A police spokesman said CCTV footage shows a group of youths fighting but not the assault the arrest related to.

Harris Academy has apologised to the woman and issued a statement to say it was "horrified and deeply saddened" about the attack.