The founder of a Catford festival has hailed the people of Lewisham for supporting the charity event which is gearing up for its fourth year.

Lucia (Luu) Sierra, 25, founded Catfest in 2015 after she was touched by the plight of refugees living in camps in Europe.

“It started when the refugee crisis was peaking and I was going to Calais a few times a month to help out with the camp.

“I knew they were really struggling for funds so I decided to set up a festival where I could raise money to send to them,” Luu told News Shopper.

After the success of the first Catfest, which was held at the Catford Constitutional Club, Luu decided she wanted to continue the event to raise money for other causes. This year, she has chosen to help mental health charity, Mind.

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“I think it’s a cause that really resonates with me. I think everyone around me has suffered with mental health issues at some point and mental health is not getting the support it needs,” she said.

Catfest is a free festival which asks people to give donations when they attend events. The suggested donation is £5, but everyone is welcome even if they cannot afford to donate.

“I’m really proud to say the festival has literally everything I can think of,” Luu said, listing live music, yoga classes and vinyl sales among the events available.

Luu, who managed the Catford Constitutional Club for three years and now runs her own record label, organises the festival on a volunteer basis.

“I don’t really get any money from this – I do it because I like doing it,” she told News Shopper.

This year’s festival -described as a “family-friendly” event – will be held from May 31-June 2.