Child poverty in Lewisham has risen over the last year with more than 30,000 kids living on or below the breadline.

Figures from End Child Poverty Now show 11,143 children (nearly 40 per cent) in Deptford are living in poverty - a four per cent rise from this time last year.

Lewisham East has also seen an increase in the last 12 months with 10,401 kids (36 per cent) living in poverty – a two per cent rise compared to last year.

More than 10,000 children in Lewisham West and Penge were also found to be living on the breadline.

The report said child poverty is moving “upwards on all indicators” in the UK, warning a national increase is likely to continue “under present policies.”

It also warned rates are set to hit “record levels” by the 2020s, claiming: “Children’s life chances in the worst-hit areas are set to diminish further.”

Mayor of Lewisham Damien Egan hit out at “Tory austerity” for the rise in poverty across the borough, which he claimed was stretching local services.

He said: “Tory austerity is hitting Lewisham hard. The chronic underfunding of local government has seen cuts which go right to the core of our community.

“The latest figures on child poverty are further evidence that austerity isn’t working and that the only way to reverse the devastating impact of these measures is to invest in local services.”

According to the charity, child poverty is worst in big cities – with the highest rates in London.

In 2017, the Lewisham Poverty Commission noted the borough was in the bottom 25 per cent of all 32 London boroughs for poverty rates.

The commission’s report said the council should work with organisations in the borough to increase support for those in poverty.