A home care service has launched its 'Think Twice' scam awareness campaign after its manager was left "heartbroken" at the exploitation of a man in West Wickham.

Donna Hider, deputy manager of Elmes Homecare in Beckenham, wanted to act after two of her service users were targeted by scammers.

News Shopper:

One pensioner, who lives in West Wickham, received a knock on the door from a man claiming he had chopped down trees next door and needed £300 to clear the rubbish from his garden.

Donna told News Shopper: "The man asked could he use the toilet and pushed him out of the way, and he had money hidden in a draw.

"He was very tearful and didn’t want anyone to know. He was ashamed and embarrassed. We are trying to address this stigma and tell people it’s not their fault."

The man was persuaded to tell his grandson, a policeman, who said it was the second time it had happened.

Donna was inspired to train as a scam marshal so she could help other elderly people avoid being exploited in Bromley.

She held her first 'Think Twice' meeting on Tuesday, May 21, to advise residents on how to stay vigilante from scammers.

The scam awareness meetings will be held throughout Bromley and are freely available to anyone, regardless of whether you are an Elmes Homecare member or not.

In the first meeting two out of the 10 attendees disclosed that they had been victims.

Elmes Homecare has set up a 'trusted tradesman list' where reputable workers from plumbers to cleaners have been freely vetted by Donna and her team.

She said she started her campaign, which she hopes will benefit anyone in Bromley, out of empathy.

"It’s a labour of love," she said. "A lot of people have asked why I’m doing all this but if you could have seen this poor gentleman’s face."

Donna believes elderly people being scammed of hundreds of pounds was more common than people realise.

Her meetings offer advice on various things like what to do when someone knocks on your door.

Donna said if she can even save just one person from becoming a scamming victim then her efforts will be worthwhile.