Developers have been given the greenlight to concrete over a pub garden in Charlton, despite concerns from neighbours in overlooking properties.

Plans to breathe new life into the empty Pickwick Pub in Woolwich Road by building six new homes in its garden were signed off by councillors on Tuesday night.

It comes months after councillors threw out a scheme to bulldoze the closed Pickwick Pub in Woolwich Road.

The developer, Pure Let Greenwich, put forward plans to demolish the boozer’s extension in place of six new homes, concreting over the pub’s garden in the process.


Neighbour Susan Archer said her house had not been considered by officers who had recommended approving the development, which would have a four bed family property at its rear.

She said: “My conservatory would be directly looked into by the four bedroom property.

“The rear buildings will be able to see directly into my property. My privacy will be totally affected.”

The resident said there has also been confusion amongst residents as to what the application was, as a previous scheme for the pub itself was thrown out last year.

Councillors rejected plans last year to bulldoze the three-storey pub after more than a dozen people objected to losing the building.

The neighbour said there could have been more people objecting if the process had been clearer.

The developers said they would plant trees to screen her property from overlooking, but were left red faced when asked about why they had already cut a tree without permission.

Chairwoman Sarah Merrill said: “In the plans it very clearly says the tree is to be retained but it has been felled. If that’s an old plan as you say what is it doing before us.

“My view is that the pub is empty, the community space at the back is falling down. It’s an eyesore – the land is vacant. When I first looked at the application I was happy you were retaining trees so then to find out you’ve felled the huge one is upsetting. That’s disingenuous.

“However it is not worth turning down housing on those grounds. I do share concerns from the resident and there is going to be a very firm condition for screening.”

The developers said having a profitable development would eventually lead to bringing the vacant pub back into use.

The approved scheme, passed unanimously by councillors at Woolwich Town Hall,  featured conditions for extensive screening.