Children and teenagers are being invited to join artists, recruiters and music producers at a free session at Goldsmiths University this bank holiday weekend.

The Blue Borough Youth Summit on Saturday, May 25, calls on children aged 12-14 to get involved with its workshops and speeches to “celebrate the people of south east London and its surrounding communities.”

The free event, run by Spiela, focuses on four themes; the arts, technology, youth and culture. According to its organisers, the event is designed to support “the ongoing development of young people of south east London.”

Joel Sydenham, an artist involved in the summit, said: “The Blue Borough Youth Summit is so important because it will expose BAME kids to really cool artists and will let them express themselves in a safe place which hopefully will spark further interest for those interested in painting and expressive arts.”

The summit will be held at Goldsmiths, University of London, from 12pm until 8pm. It is free to register for the event.