Lewisham Council will consult on proposals to merge adult social care services across three day centres into one, at a saving of £135,000, could see some older people travelling further for services.

Services at Cedar Court in Grove Park and Cinnamon Court in Deptford are proposed to be moved to the Calabash Day Centre in Hither Green.  Each centre caters for the frail and isolated as well as those who have physical disabilities,  mental health problems and dementia.

The healthier communities select committee heard there was a drop in people needing the day services, and an increased need for higher levels of care and support. 

But Cllr John Paschoud raised concerns at the higher number of older people coming to just one centre if the centres are merged.

“There are practical considerations. If you concentrate the same number of people from three centres into one, it takes a significant amount of time to unload people from an accessible vehicle,” he said.

Councillors also raised concerns that the consultation was proposed to take place over August, with the committee recommending it take place after the summer.

Cllr Jacq Paschoud said:”It has proven for the last 25 years that, regularly, consultations are done over the summer or over Christmas [and] regularly I have heard voices saying, ‘pease don’t do this.'”

Officer will need the consultation to be rubber stamped by the mayor and cabinet on the 5th June.

If approved, the plans will go out for an online consultation.

The council will consult on where the new service should be located, but has proposed it be Calabash.

The reporting of the consultation outcomes are expected to come back to the mayor and cabinet and healthier community select committee in October.