A Bible-bashing nurse who told a cancer patient that he needed to pray for a "better chance of survival" has lost her appeal following claims she was unfairly dismissed.

The claimant, named as Ms Kuteh in court documents, was axed from her duties as a Junior Sister with the Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust in June 2016 pending investigation after a number of complaints were lodged against her by concerned patients she had attended where she had engaged in conversations surrounding religion.

Among these complaints, it was claimed that Ms Kuteh had approached a patient who was about to undergo major bowel surgery for cancer and told him that "if he prayed to God, he would have a better chance of survival", according to court records.

The records also show that another cancer patient complained that Ms Kuteh had told him that "the only way he could get to the Lord was through Jesus", describing the encounter as "very bizarre" and "like a Monty Python skit".

After appealing against the decision to let her go, Ms Kuteh brought her claim to the Employment Tribunal on December 1, 2016, on the grounds that she had been unfairly dismissed.

However, her claim was quickly thrown out as it was concluded that the Trust's decision to dismiss Ms Kuteh from her duties was fair and within reason.

Ms Kuteh appealed against that decision to the Employment Appeals Tribunal on May 12, 2017 but to no avail.

This decision has since been appealed with three judges all agreeing that there is no basis to allow it to go further.

Speaking on the most recent appeal decision, Lord Justice Singh agreed that the Trust conducted a fair procedure and that the ET's conclusion that the decision to dismiss Ms Kuteh for misconduct was reasonable.

Along with Lord Justice Haddon-Cave and Lord Justice Gross, it was agreed that this further appeal should be dismissed also.