All options for the redevelopment of the Catford Constitutional Club include keeping the pub, Lewisham Council has announced.

Lewisham plans to redevelop the locally listed Catford Constitutional Club into affordable housing, with parts of the building in a dangerous state.

The plans came in a report from the Catford Regeneration Partnership, the council-owned company created in 2010 to purchase leasehold interests in and around the Catford centre.

Lewisham’s planners will now create a scheme that keeps part of the historic building and includes new affordable housing, the report explains.

A council spokesperson said: “The Catford Constitutional Club is a much-valued community and heritage asset and an important part of Catford town centre.

“Parts of the site are in very poor condition and have not been in use for some time. The buildings require significant investment to secure their long-term future.

“We are exploring how this investment could be financed whilst retaining and enhancing the existing pub.

“We are looking at options to redevelop parts of the site as housing. All of the options include retaining the pub and at least 50 per cent affordable housing,” she added.

The lease of the premises ended last September, however Antic London has continued to run the pub and restaurant.

Parts of the property are in a dangerous state and has been closed off during the period of the lease. Neither the council nor Antic London have spent money to maintain the building, the report explains.

The property needs both wind and water repairs, a “major expenditure which if a full job was done, would cost more than three times the value of the property,” according to the report.