A father says he was "shocked and upset" after learning his son and his friends were supposedly threatened by a child carrying a knife.

The dad said his son, who turned 11 today, was in a park by Shawbrooke Rd with his friends when a "troublemaker" started making them feel uncomfortable on Wednesday, May 15.

"There was an argument or disagreement and this boy has gone into his house and walked back out with a knife," the dad told News Shopper.

He said one boy hid behind a bin while the alleged knife holder, believed to be around eight, tried to "get him".

The dad said his son and his friends were threatened with the knife and warned not to tell anybody what happened.

He found out about the incident the following day when a local primary school informed parents about the threats.

The dad said he phoned the police at 4pm on Thursday to report the incident.

However, he said police phoned him last night to say they wouldn’t be following up on the allegations.

"It’s disgusting," the dad said. "I don’t feel anything will be done about it and it’s lucky that it was just a threat and I wasn’t getting a phone call to say he was stabbed."

The Police were unable to provide News Shopper with more information.