Little Arthur Mountain has endured a turbulent start to his first eight months on earth.

However, despite being tube fed after being diagnosed with Laryngomalacia a day after he was born, Arthur is just like any other baby.

"He’s the happiest little boy in the world," his proud mum Suzi told News Shopper. "You wouldn’t think he was unwell, and all his motor skills and reflexes are there.

"He is doing everything he should be but there is something not quite well with his respiratory system."

News Shopper:

Suzi and her partner James, who live in Petts Wood, welcomed the birth of their third child last August.

Arthur was making a strange noise with his throat and was soon diagnosed with Laryngomalacia, which causes airway obstruction in the larynx.

However, that was just the start of Arthur’s troubles.

The brave boy has had various hospital admissions, and even developed bronchiolitis which left him hours away from being put into an induced coma so a machine could breathe for him.

He has had various lengthy stints in Evelina London Children's Hospital and was also treated for aspiration pneumonia.

News Shopper:

Since January, little Arthur has been fed by an NG tube because anything taken orally leads to problems with his breathing, lungs and airways which often causes infection.

His mum and dad started an Instagram account - @mountain.arthur Suzi - for people to follow their son’s journey and to increase awareness about tube fed babies.

Mum Suzi explained how difficult it is to be unable to breast feed her own baby.

"I don’t think there’s enough awareness on tube fed babies, especially for mums," she said. "I really struggled mentally not being able to feed my son.

"I am trying to help my mental state but it’s a lot of strain on the family, not just our children but grandparents and it’s nice for us to share what’s happening on Instagram.

"Your close family know but other friends don't really understand the depths of it and how much hard work it can be."

Suzi and James have two other children, aged seven and 10.

James said tube feeding Arthur every day is an overwhelming responsibility.

"He wakes up and we have to cup hands behind him and hit quite hard on his chest and ribs to loosen everything," he told News Shopper.

"We use a pump three times a day to open his airways and he has a nebulizer four times a day.

"We have a suction machine that goes into his mouth to suck all the rubbish out, it’s not overly pleasant and we want to raise awareness of it."

The couple have 30 boxes delivered monthly containing tubes, bottles and PH strips to keep on top of Arthur’s treatment.

Like a lot of tube fed babies, Arthur often pulls his tube out of his nose resulting in more trips to A&E.

However, his parents have now learned how to reinsert the tube themselves.

Arthur is now on a waiting list for a gastrostomy (PEG) – a tube placed into his stomach for nutritional support.

James and Suzi are raising money for Evelina’s mountain ward, where staff affectionately call Arthur 'Mr Mountain'.

Funds will also go towarards Evelina's Ronald McDonald House.

They said the ward and the family accommodation have been like a second home during Arthur's care.

You can donate to the fundraiser here.

A team of seven consultants are currently working hard to discover Arthur’s underlying problems so they can kickstart his full recovery.

Speaking about Evelina’s staff, dad James said: "They are absolutely amazing. The nurses are all brilliant, friendly and thorough."

James and Suzi thanked everyone who has supported their Instagram page, with well wishers from as far as Texas and Australia getting in touch to support Arthur's continued battle.