Ikea is proudly flying a rainbow flag across all of their UK stores in a fight for equality.

Equality is a basic human right and Ikea is dedicated to ensuring that all their LGBT+ co workers have the right to be themselves, be treated fairly and given equal opportunities.

All stores will therefore be flying the rainbow (LGBT+) flags on May 17 to celebrate the whole community.

They also hope to better support their co-workers and communities across the UK and have therefore created a limited edition, rainbow version of their iconic blue bag.

News Shopper:

The sale of these bags will help to contribute and participate in local Pride events and other LGBT+ initiatives.

Ikea has invited co-workers and customers to show their support for the rights of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities as we continue to press for a fully inclusive work environment and community.

That is why they have joined Workplace Pride Foundation and Stonewall, two organisations focused on ensuring greater LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and wider society.

What do you think of this amazing effort?