A prolific shoplifter who stole hundreds of pounds worth of goods from Bexley and Bromley shops has been jailed for seven weeks.

Christopher Fawcett, 37 and of no fixed abode, was charged with four counts of theft at a BP petrol station shop in Chislehurst and The Co-op at The Oval in Sidcup.

He pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates Court on Friday, May 17, to all counts of theft and was sentenced to two weeks in prison for three offences and three weeks for the other offence, all to run concurrently.

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He was also sentenced to an extra four weeks in prison due to the offences being committed whilst three days into a previous suspended sentence, on top of another four weeks suspended for 12 months due to these offences being all committed while he was on a suspended sentence.

Fawcett was also ordered to pay £115 to support victim services and will also be banned from every Co-op Store in the United Kingdom for life.

A statement released by the Blendon and Penhill police unit read: "This is a clear indication of how we will find shoplifters, especially prolific ones, that think it's okay to load up bags and pockets with goods and walk out of shops while the rest of us queue up to pay with our hard earned money."