A Catford vicar has urged drivers to slow down to protect the "famous Bromley Road geese" after two little goslings were knocked down.

One of the two goslings died and the other was badly injured after the incident outside St John’s Church in Catford.

The Reverend Dr Martin Thomas takes care of the flock and said the geese travel along the busy Bromley Road every day to find safety in St John’s church land.

Despite TfL signs warning drivers to drive carefully, the death of one of the goslings has brought the issue to light.

Vicar Martin told News Shopper: "The annual arrival of the geese with the goslings is really important to local people and local residents are very sad when any of the goslings are lost.

"It would be great if drivers could take more care on this stretch outside St John's. The arrival of the geese always reminds us that the wonderful creation is all around us if we only find time to stop and look."

His words came after St John’s, Catford posted on social media: "Please drive carefully and continue to share your pictures and tell people about them to raise awareness.

"We want to avoid any more loss of these birds- they are every bit as entitled to enjoy the sunny lawn as the humans."

To keep up to date with how the geese are doing use the hashtag #BromleyRdGeese on social media to follow posts.