Ruthless burglars raided a home in Catford yesterday and nicked everything from a car to irreplaceable jewellery.

Bonnie, 35, who didn’t want her full name used, arrived home near Mountsfield Park at 5.30pm to find her house ransacked.

"They had jumped a neighbour’s fence and smashed through our back door entirely," Bonnie, who lives with her husband, told News Shopper.

"They were methodical and opened every drawer and cupboard and went into both sheds."

Jewellery, an old Landrover and two bikes were among the items stolen.

Bonnie said she now no longer feels comfortable inside her own home.

She explained: "I know people have their reasons for turning to crime and I wish they didn’t have to feel that way, but if they have the chance to stop and think, I wish they’d think about how much they’re hurting people.

"It’s not just things and it’s not just a house - it’s our memories and our homes."

The stolen jewellery wasn’t worth much money but it included her wedding earrings which were the first gift her husband ever gave her.

Also taken were her dad’s chain and a broken bracelet her mother in law gifted her after being accepted into the family.

She pleaded with the burglars to return the broken bits of jewellery through the letter box so she can one day pass them on as planned.

Bonnie said she knew her plea was likely to be unsuccessful but said it would "ease the hurt they’ve caused".

She has lived on the street for five years and before the burglary "felt quite lucky" that she hadn’t experienced any of the negative incidents posted on local social media groups.

Bonnie shared what happened on Facebook to encourage people to check in on neighbours.

"I felt quite lucky that I wasn’t there at the time," she said. "It could have been much worse."

She also praised the police for their quick and compassionate response.

Police encouraged Bonnie to purchase SmartWater, which makes valuables more traceable.

A police spokeman told News Shopper no arrests had been made and enquires are ongoing. 

He added: "It is believed entrance to the property was gained by smashing a window in the rear door.

"A search of the property was carried out and a number of items taken."