A proud mum of three green fingered girls has expressed pride after the group spent their Sunday afternoon picking plastic out of the River Cray.

Kate Pike, 44 and of Bexley Village, wished to celebrate the initiative taken by her young kids and their friends for their eco-friendly efforts after they spent half an hour fishing out rubbish from river.

"We had planned to go over and spend a few hours at the meadows anyway.

"It was pretty warm so they went for a paddle and spotted a plastic wrapper.

"It turned into a competition really and they ended up cleaning a long stretch of the Cray," she said.

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Lucie, Maddie, Aimee, Kate and Annie spent their Sunday afternoon clearing the River Cray of plastic and pollution

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Amid the global discussion and warnings of climate change, Mrs Pike believes that small actions, such as the one displayed by these kids, could help contribute to creating a wider conciousness about protecting local green spaces and being more environmentally minded.

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A collection of rubbish plucked from the River Cray

"They're (children) far more concious about it (climate change) than most adults because its taught in schools and it's all over social media.

"I think it’s up to everybody to get involved. There seems to be a feeling amongst people that if it’s not their rubbish they won't pick it up.

"It’s just making people notice something like the odd sweet wrapper on the floor, picking it up and putting it in the bin, it doesn’t hurt to do it," she said.

This comes as schoolchildren across the UK and the globe staged

multiple walkout protests over the devastating effects of climate change

, calling on governments to take immediate action to help reverse future environmental damage.