Lewisham Council plans to redevelop the locally listed Catford Constitutional Club into affordable housing, with parts of the building in a “dangerous state.”

The plans came in a report from the Catford Regeneration Partnership, the council-owned company created in 2010 to purchase leasehold interests in and around the Catford centre.

Lewisham’s planners will now create a scheme that keeps part of the historic building and includes new affordable housing, the report explains.

The partnership had been working up a scheme for the club over the last year with part of the property “in a dangerous state,” according to the report.

Neither the council or tenant, Antic London, have maintained the property.

The lease of the premises ended last September, however Antic London has continued to run the pub and restaurant.

“Part of the property, which is locally listed, is in a dangerous state and has been closed off during the period of the lease and both parties have spent nothing maintaining it,” the report explains.

The property needs both wind and water repairs, a “major expenditure which if a full job was done, would cost more than three times the value of the property,” according to the report.

Lewisham Council is now consulting with its planners on the development.

“The council approved the spending of money to review the history of the site and to develop a redevelopment proposal that is now at a stage that consultation can be undertaken with planners and produce a good scheme that retains part of the historic building and new affordable housing,” the report explains.

Studio Egret West was awarded the contract to create a draft master plan in last June which, which was expected to be completed last autumn.

However the plan will be laid out before the council in the next couple of weeks.

The report did not explain why the original development did not progress, but  said this was due to “various reasons.”