A Swanscombe man has been ordered to shell out hundreds after he was caught fly-tipping in a Dartford estate.

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Robert Gulston, 27, was caught on film by a member of the public and identified by the sign-writing on his vehicle which led the Council’s Enforcement Team to his work address.

Mr Gulston originally agreed to clean up his mess but this was only partially carried out, leading to a fine being issued

After he failed to pay the initial fine, a court summons was issued however the defendant failed to attend and consequently was picked up by the police.

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The offender later pleaded guilty before Medway Magistrates Court and was fined £700, in addition to £800 in costs and a victim surcharge of £70 resulting in a total of £1570.

A DBC enforcement officer has since said: Information from members of the public can be vital when investigating fly-tips.

"We are grateful to everyone who informs us of incidents and where possible offers details that can help to identify those responsible.

"The very small minority of people who do fly-tip do so at a cost to the entire local community.

"While it might appear to be a victimless crime the negative impact it has on the environment affects us all."

"This prosecution also demonstrates that paying an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) is not optional and we are fully prepared to take non-payees to court."

Council Leader, Cllr Jeremy Kite said: "This is a great result for our enforcement team.

"Fly-tipping is an environmental crime that affects the whole community and Dartford residents should not have to put up with this type of anti-social behaviour.

"Our enforcement team will continue to work hard to crack down on the offenders."