Bromley residents with concerns about their area will soon be able to speak directly to senior police officers from the comfort of their home.

This is because Bromley Police are introducing fortnightly question and answer sessions via Facebook live to encourage greater engagement with the people they serve.

Bromley Neighbourhoods Chief Inspector, Craig Knight, founded the scheme and has piloted similar projects in south London and hopes people in Bromley will now feel a closure relationship with their police team.

He said: "Facebook offers the ability to connect with literally thousands of local residents in the comfort and convenience of their own homes instead of coming out to a community hall, offering our residents the chance to have a conversation with senior local police officers about the issues that most matter to them."

Residents keen on raising awareness about an issue can ask questions in real time or send queries to the new Bromley Police Facebook account beforehand.

If they choose the latter, the sender is required to write the phrase 'Bromley Police Online Forum' in the message before it’s reviewed.

The first 'Bromley Police Online Forum' will start at 8pm on May 21 and will then be held every second Tuesday.

It will be broadcast on Facebook live in real time and will be available to view afterwards.