The power of music was felt at Bromley South railway station when a hooded man played the piano with such grace that it left one teary listener with goosebumps.

Heather Bellinger, 29, was having a tough day when she was rushing through the station to reach her lift home to West Wickham.

News Shopper:

However, a mystery man playing classical music on the piano stopped her dead in her tracks.

"I was storming through and as I got to the top of the stairs I stopped dead," Heather told News Shopper.

"It was just beautiful and he seemed really lost in it. That piano sounds bloody awful most of the time, it’s not tuned and it’s just a bad piano - all you hear is twinkle twinkle on it."

A crowd of around 15 people stopped to watch the man play during Friday's evening rush hour.

Heather said she wasn’t a fan of classical music but hearing the piano that day inspired her to go home and listen to more.

"It made my cry," she said. "I had goose bumps. He didn’t care that people were there and he was just playing for the sheer love of it.

"At the end he went to walk out and people clapped and cheered. He seemed really humble and just tapped his Oyster card and walked out."

Heather, who works at London Zoo, eventually made it to her mum’s car and played her clips.

"The first thing I said was 'sorry I’m late' and showed her. We listened and she had goosebumps too."

Are you the mystery piano man or do you know the person who is? If so get in touch with our reporter