A community group in Plumstead is working hard to end youth violence and knife crime in London.

Streetwise kids works with various youth offending teams and youth groups across the city.

The project has now set itself up in The Glyndon Centre, so that it is available to everyone in the area.

They are currently working on a bicycle recycling project where they take bikes that have been donated from various sources including the Met Police, British Transport Police, Network Rail and Local council recycling centres.

The young people who take part are given training in bicycle mechanics, which is accredited by The AQA.

The team will also involve them in working with the local community by letting them run Dr Bike Sessions where the public can bring their own bikes and the young people repair or service them free of charge.

This will help to build community cohesion and allow the young people who take part to take pride in their community to make the right choices in life.

Once finished, the group are looking donate the repaired bikes to needy families and young people in Greenwich.

In order to expand and continue the project the team have set up a fundraiser, which you can donate to here.