Two Penge children have completed a mini marathon to raise money for the end of life hospice which cared for a long-time family friend.

Sheila King, who was in her 60s, was suddenly diagnosed with cancer before dying in February.

Amy Joyce, 33, said Sheila was a family friend since before she was born and described her as "just the loveliest woman".

Her kids, Ryan, nine, and Khaleesi, five, paid tribute to Sheila by running a three-mile marathon in Greenwich Park on Sunday, May 12.

The pair raised £200 for St Christopher’s Hospice - where Sheila was cared for before she died.

"I’m very proud," mum Amy told News Shopper. "They took medals to school today to show the teachers who all sponsored them.

"My daughter still calls her ‘nanny Sheila'."

Sheila lived in Penge and was a popular woman in the area.

Amy remains close with Sheila's children and remembering her old friend, she said: "She would do anything for anyone.

"My mum knew her before I was born, and she knew her for 35 years."

Amy said her little girl managed to keep up with her older brother the whole way during the marathon.

Her daughter was left upset when she was told she was too young to run a recent cross country but her spirits were lifted after being accepted for the mini-marathon.

Both children go to Stewart Flemming Primary School.

They sported their Sunderland tops during the run with the family briefly appearing in the recent 'Sunderland Till I die' documentary on Netflix.

"My mum is from Sunderland so they have supported them from when they were born," Amy laughed.

"They didn’t have a choice but they love it and go to the away games nearer to London."

The children are presenting the money to St Christopher’s Hospice later in the week.