A furious shop keeper who has been vandalised three times this year has slammed the "Ill-informed vegan" who targeted his business.

Wesley, who didn’t want his full name used, has managed The Vape Shop on Beckenham Road since 2015.

He drove past his shop on Sunday morning to find 'VEGAN REVOLUTION' spray painted in yellow over his shutters.

The graffiti made its way onto his window because of holes in the shutters.

News Shopper:

"It was a weird thing to write on the side of a vape shop that only sells vegetable glycerin," Wesley told News Shopper.

"It’s frustrating because I’m just a small business and I’m on my own. Every bit of damage cost money."

Wesley has appealed for Bromley Council to remove the graffiti and has reported the crime to police.

The business owner believes the shop may just be located in the wrong place beside a station, but said it’s worrying if it was a deliberate target.

"If it was targeted it would be an ill-informed vegan," he said.

Other incidents of vandalism this year include one where 'Bloke' was scrawled across the shutter.

"Every bit of damage costs me money," Wesley said.

He admitted that running his business from Beckenham is proving to be more and more challenging.

Wesley said: "I get a lot of comments from locals saying how downhill the area is becoming with crime and vandalism.

"That’s something I’ve noticed myself."

Wesley asked anyone with information regarding the "vegan revolution" tag to get in touch so he can pass on details to the police.

CCTV footage is currently being reviewed.