A much-loved therapy dog from Orpington will be visiting Westminster soon along with 14 other furry friends.

Gunner, who recently won a Harriet Heart medal at Crufts, will visit on May 21 for a parliamentary drop-in event.

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He is being welcomed by Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington, who is giving government staff the chance to meet the dogs and their volunteers at the Attlee Suite in Portcullis House.

"I have seen from one of my constituents who volunteers with Therapy Dogs Nationwide the positive effects therapy dog sessions can have," Mr Johnson said.

"I am delighted to invite all in parliament to this session to meet the dogs and learn more about the work of Therapy Dogs Nationwide."

Lois Hyett, 67, bought Gunner as a puppy seven years ago as a present to herself but within a few months she knew her German Shepard was special.

Gunner is a regular at Baycroft Grays care home in St Paul’s Cray and often visits St Mary Cray Primary School.

Speaking about the upcoming parliamentary event, Lois said it was to provide stress relieving cuddles and to highlight the work the dogs do.

She added: "I am delighted that Jo Johnson has recognised the work that Gunner does locally and across London on behalf of TDN.

"Especially with mental health, well-being and stress awareness, it was this that made Jo get special permission for Gunner and 14 others to attend parliament to highlight the work we do and to provide stress relieving cuddles with our dogs.

"I am very proud that the work that Gunner does has been recognised by my MP."