A Salvation Army volunteer of six years has expressed her shock after her mobile phone, which contained precious photos her grandkids, was stolen from inside a charity shop.

Wendy Mortimer often helps at the charity shop on the high street in West Wickham but an experience this week has left her having panic attacks.

On Tuesday (May 7) Wendy remembers placing her phone on the work surface after a customer asked for assistance.

She noticed her phone was missing at 4.30pm - an hour and a half since she last used it.

Wendy told News Shopper: "I assume a customer heard my mobile ring and swiftly entered the staff quarters and stole it.

"Why he or she left the other items is a mystery as they were quite valuable.

"I am really sad as my mobile had all my hospital data on it as I have several health problems that need instant contact with the hospitals

She added: "I am really shocked that someone could enter the staff quarters and do such a thing."

Wendy said a situation like this had never happened in her six years and said she has suffered panic attacks because of her lost data.

The phone has been blocked and the police have been made area of the incident.