A furious mum has voiced her disgust after a horrific playground visit was cut short when she discovered "urine" and "excrement" smeared all over the slide.

Jacqueline Darvill, from Sidcup, had visited the Willersley Park with her son on Wednesday, May 8, when she made the shocking observation.

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She then took to social media to post graphic photos of the sickening slide in Willersley Park on social media, blasting the "absolute scumbag" she believed had intentionally covered the playground apparatus with what's believed to have been urine and "human poo".

Speaking to News Shopper, Ms Darvill said she failed to understand the reason behind the repulsive act, particularly inside a children's playground.

"I took my son to Willersley Park at around 6:30pm and as soon as we approached the slide you could smell and see the urine on it.

"We then noticed some lumps of excrement which could well have been human.

"It's disgusting that someone had done this in a kids park, presumably for entertainment.

"It’s a sad indictment about the world today that anyone could think this is acceptable," she said.

When approached for a comment, a council spokeswoman confirmed that the slide had since been cleaned and that evening patrols would be stepped up to deter others from conducting similar acts.

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"The contaminated condition of the children’s slide in Willersley Park in Sidcup was spotted during daily inspection of the playground yesterday morning (May 9).

"The slide was immediately cleaned and sanitised. Our night patrol team will increase surveillance of the playground in effort to deter and identify whoever is responsible for this sickening behaviour.

"We are extremely proud of our 106 parks and 33 playgrounds. The vast majority of our residents and visitors enjoy using them appropriately and with respect.

"Park users can report any repairs or maintenance issues to our Parks and Open Spaces team by calling 020 8303 7777 or by emailing parksandopenspaces@bexley.gov.uk

"If you see a crime take place in your local park, you can report it by calling 111 or by phoning Crime Stoppers. In an emergency always call 999."