Yet more people have been named and shamed for using a disabled parking permit belonging to a loved one in their absence.

Bromley Council has prosecuted 10 more drivers for Blue Badge offences and has ordered them to cough up a combined £5,558.

More than 170 prosecutions have been recorded since the council clamped down on Blue Badge misuse in 2016.

One of the latest prosecutions involved a man, Nicholas Huggins, of East Sussex, who was using a cancelled Blue Badge belonging to a holder who died last year.

Councillor Kate Lymer said family members remain the worst offenders "despite previous warnings".

The executive councillor for public protection and enforcement added: "The Council has a zero tolerance policy towards misuse, to protect the integrity of the scheme and we will prosecute in all cases.

"Our officers continue to check for correct use of Blue Badges across the borough daily and any driver who thinks they can make an excuse to get away with misusing a badge will find out the hard way.”

"Surely paying a few pence to park or walking a short distance is a better option than misusing a Blue Badge and ending up in court with a hefty fine and a criminal conviction. If these drivers had realised the consequences of their actions, I’m sure they would have chosen the better option."

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These drivers displayed a Blue Badge in the absence of the holder:

  • Danny Churchill of Ivorydown, Downham
  • Claire Frankis of Riddons Road, Lee
  • Mark Lambert of Ashingdon Close, Waltham Forest
  • Sandra Wade of Anthony Road, Welling
  • Bernard Varndell of Waterside Avenue, Beckenham

Three parents from Lambeth, West Wickham and Woolwich had their names protected to hide their children’s identities.

The offences took place between September 17 last year and January 15.