More than 160 seething Greenhithe residents have strongly objected to a pair of "eyesore" billboards currently erected in London Road.

A retrospective application lodged by property development giant Bellway Homes seeks to retain two sales signs outside of their new St Clements Way, much to the displeasure of nearby residents.

Of the 161 objections lodged to the application lodged with Dartford Borough Council, a hard hitting statement from the Swanscombe & Greenhithe Town Council calls on Bellway to "be a good neighbour" and remove the signs as they have "clearly served their purpose."

It read:"Advertising hoardings in this location no longer add any value to the communities of Swanscombe, Greenhithe or Stone.

"There is no utility for the local built environment or amenity derived from their presence.

"In fact it would appear that the signs only purpose is to deliver economic value to the applicant without any proposal to share that benefit with the community?"

It is understood that all properties at St Clements Way have been sold on a legacy scheme.

Another representation lodged by a neighbour stated that Greenhithe has lost "precious greenery" due to development and these "distracting" and "ugly" marketing signs will be detrimental to the surrounding area's visual appeal. They wrote: "They are an eyesore and should not be allowed.

"It makes the new development look cheap and the surrounding area as well."

When a approached for a comment, a spokeswoman for Bellway Homes said: "When the signage was installed it was as part of the wider planning consent for our St Clements Lake development.

"We wish to retain the signage to promote the nearby Ebbsfleet Cross development, maintaining visibility to ensure its success.

"To do this we are now required to apply for separate planning consent and an application has been made.

"As part of the application process, residents have been invited to comment.

"Kent County Council’s Highways department has also responded and has no objections."