TRANSPORT for London (TfL) has finished its surveys of congestion in Greenwich, due to be published in a report next month.

Following a request from Greenwich Council, current traffic conditions and residents' reaction to different methods of reducing traffic through the A206 corridor, including congestion charging, have been carried out.

TfL said there was no commitment to any scheme at this stage.

Association of British Drivers' London region co-ordinator Roger Lawson has set up an online petition against a charge which has so far attracted 541 signatures and is organising a series of public meetings on the issue.

The association, a campaign group, is opposed to road pricing schemes and says they increase the cost of road travel without solving the congestion problem.

Mr Lawson said: "We still believe TfL are going to put forward a congestion charge scheme of some kind and we certainly intend to make this an issue in the mayoral elections."

A spokesman for Greenwich Council said the potential options included charging.

He said: "It is important to stress that the council has made no decision and will not do so in advance of understanding the impact of any proposal on local business and the views of local residents.

"We anticipate receiving the outcome of TfL studies later in the autumn."

Meanwhile, an internet group has been set up to campaign against proposed congestion charging.

The group on social networking site Facebook, called Say No to the Greenwich Congestion Charge, was set up by resident Sally Smith and has 74 members so far.

The group description says: "Mayor Ken says Greenwich Council will only get the go ahead if the residents of Greenwich support the proposed scheme.

"So have your say here - say no to yet another tax which will stifle local business, push the traffic problem somewhere else and undermine civil rights."

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